Walking (Half of) the Great LA Walk by Eric Beteille

The plan was to step into this year's Great Los Angeles Walk at Echo Park Lake. Then cross the Los Angeles metropolis on foot: along Sunset Blvd., toward the Pacific Ocean. Today marked the eighth annual GLAW and I've marched some or all of every one of them.

This time, we made it a bit beyond the halfway point in Beverly Hills, about 10 miles from start. Then got hungry. Had lunch. Saw some friends. Went home. These were some of the other things I saw along the way.

Morning start line at Echo Park Lake

News of the day

Sunset Blvd., from Echo Park to Silver Lake


No pedestrians? 

Westbound on Sunset

Free bathroom!

Hollywood: Under construction

One more step till 13,000

Great LA Dance: GLAD?

Discount for walkers


Love 90210

Strong selfie

Poor Hurley

More cheese

Stroll over to my GLAW 2013 Flickr set for a few more of my photos from today.

Let's Take a Moment by Eric Beteille

...to thank the Los Angeles Times for including one of my recent Silver Lake photos in their Southern California Moments collection. 

And check out another one of my LA Times contributions, a photo of some musical youngsters (let's call them Nirvana Jr., with ) at the San Pedro Lobsterfest.

And another one of this canine welcoming committee in Glassell Park. 

Visit latimes.com/socalmoments for more on this photo series.

Torn from the paper

Humpday Commute by Eric Beteille

California has laws against driving while holding smart-phone cameras but what are the rules about driving with digital SLRs? Asking for a friend.

Fountain for Water Man

Rounding Hyperion

Heart-shaped storage

Tesla not on fire

Ah, just stick it

Getting a Leg Up on the Great LA Walk by Eric Beteille

They'd give their right ankles for a wider sidewalk

The eighth annual Great Los Angeles Walk is this Saturday, Nov. 23, starting 9:00 a.m. at Echo Park Lake. Walking with friends across a great city like LA, seeing life at 3 to 5 miles per hour, is an ideal shooting scenario for a pedestrian photographer like me. Here are some of my favorite photos from Great Walks past.

Halftime entertainment

Trapped in a carwash

End of the Monroe line


She bikes on by

End of the Santa Monica trail

Not the only shooter

Happiest traffic cop

Look both ways

Harbor against the sky

Hacking the National Geographic Photo of a Mountain Lion Under the Hollywood Sign by Eric Beteille

National Geographic spent more than a year finding just the right angle, just the right lighting, just the right moment to capture this mountain lion (a.k.a. cougar) creeping past the Hollywood sign.

But they could've just stitched a photo of the cat to a photo of the sign. 

Sign + Cat = Social Media Gold

Not saying they did. But they could have.

Either way, the Hollywood sign would have to be exposed longer, of course, because it isn't lit at night. NatGeo product Alexa Keefe admits in the comments: "The light on the Hollywood sign is the result of a four-second exposure and fog reflecting the lights of the city."

And if they wanted the sign and the cat in the same shot, rear curtain sync would allow a motion sensor to open the shutter (for, say, 4 seconds), slowly absorbing the dim sign in the background, while a well-timed flash illuminates the fast cat in the foreground. Keefe augments: "The combination of the strobe and dark background eliminates any ghosting, or blur."

But getting the cat -- a few feet in front of the lens -- in the same focus as the sign -- hundreds of yards away? Much easier if they could just stitch 2 photos together.

Not saying they did. But they could.

Either way, they created a beautiful image and a nice, fast-climbing social media story in a big city full of potential NatGeo subscribers.

P.S. -- In the NatGeo article, they describe the area as "downtown" Los Angeles, but this angle of the Hollywood sign is seen from Griffith Park, the 4,310-acre eastern tip of the Santa Monica Mountains, 7 or 8 miles from downtown. It's safe to leave the cat food outside, loft dwellers.