Ferguson in My Back Yard by Eric Beteille

From downtown Los Angeles via Beverly Blvd.

Normally my afternoon walks around our Los Angeles neighborhood don't attract so much attention. But today on my route downtown I ended up with a group of peaceful protesters, marching in solidarity with citizens of Ferguson, Missouri. When they chant, "Hands up, don't shoot," they're not talking about my camera, right?

Animal Mural

Belmont Blockade

March Leader

Primate Consumers by Eric Beteille

Pepsi Generation

Punch the Monkey Tonight

Little Drink

Baby Pickup

Baby Pickup

Thanks to The Consumerist for choosing the top photo, my capture of the end result of a collision between an unaware tourist and an opportunistic Malaysian monkey, for their Friday photo finds.  Enjoy some of the other monkey business I captured last year in Southeast Asia.

Framing and Vanishing by Eric Beteille

Pink Passageway

Tree to Tree

Lately I've been digging into my own archives for photos I may have overlooked. Today, a pair from 2013.

  • Pink Passageway has that warm, sandstone daylight of a Cambodian temple, natural framing of my subjects through an ancient, interesting doorway, and a bright green forest background to draw the eye all the way through the center of the picture.
  • Tree to Tree has fun, brightly-colored subjects, tied together across the picture with that long yellow chain, backed with a seemingly infinite vanishing point down the tracks.

Both images were selected by Yahoo curators for the Flickr Explore section this week.

5 Lessons for an Angry Cowboy by Eric Beteille

From my submission today to the 2014 Telluride Photo Festival contest.

  1. If you don't want your photo taken at the Cowboy Festival, don't go to the Cowboy Festival.
  2. A sign on your tent charging passersby $25 to take your picture (or $100 "if I catch you trying to sneak one") is not a binding contract.
  3. One of the best ways to pique a photographer's interest is to demand he not take pictures.
  4. In appeals for justice in such matters, don't start with the photographer's wife.
  5. Especially if she's wearing reflective sunglasses.

National Geographic Editor Favorite by Eric Beteille

Don't worry, he turned out OK.

Thanks to National Geographic editor Jeanne M. Modderman for marking my summer-themed photo, First Incident of Pool Season, as a favorite on NatGeo's Your Shot. And thanks to my wife and godson for being my ever-present models. I'll admit to a bit of sleight-of-time going on, since I posted this image at the beginning of pool season, even though it was shot in La Quinta, CA on Thanksgiving weekend a few years back. Let's just say the California desert has more than one pool season.