I'm Eric Beteille

My goal: Show things as they are. 

I walk around shooting people, animals, cities and scenery. (With cameras, folks! Canon AE-1, Nikon D50, Nikon D7000, GoPro Hero 3, iPhone 6.) To be fair, sometimes I drive, bike, swim or fly. Contact:

Pedestrian Photographer in Cambodia

Buy My Stuff

Email me at beteille@gmail.com for pricing on any of my photos. Paypal accepted!

Pedestrian Photographer in Singapore

Clients and Publishers

These organizations have been so kind as to purchase and/or publish my photography, giving credit sometimes as Eric Beteille, sometimes as Atwater Village Newbie (my alter ego from the neighborhood blog and Twitter feed I've run since 2006).

Main Titles, Law & Order: Los Angeles

I'm Also the Proud Grandson of a Photographer

I am sole heir and owner of 50 years of photography from my grandfather, William J. Crawford, spanning from 1930s New York City, where he snapped the first Mickey Mouse balloon at a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, through decades of leadership in Boy Scouts of America, including a shot of President Eisenhower in an open-air convertible at the 1960 BSA Jamboree.

Email me for pricing on any of grandpa's pics:

WJC back in the day

In My Spare Time

I lead content strategy and landing page optimization (LPO) efforts for large travel commerce websites, including disneyworld.com, for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Online.

Building the castle