Guess Who's Bach by Eric Beteille

A photographer's dream. An active big-city train station, interesting passengers coming and going. And a 10-hour marathon of live performances from some of the area's most talented classical musicians. The audience and the performers (and the light and the sounds) constantly changing throughout the day. This was Bach in the Subways LA 2017 and here are some highlights from my Flickr gallery of the event. Bach on!

Union Station, Los Angeles

Toe Tapper

Waiting for Cue

Pensive Stringer

Fans of All Ages

Are Your Pictures Worth 1,000 Words? by Eric Beteille

Thanks to everyone who organized and attended 2017's World IA Day Los Angeles! As promised in my presentation about optimizing visual content, here are my 10 criteria for creating and selecting images for digital experiences. (See, you didn't have to write them down!) 

  • Leading Lines (50 words)
  • Foreground/Background (50 words)
  • Rule of Thirds (50 words)
  • Framing (50 words)
  • Informative (100 words)
  • Emotive (100 words)
  • Real (100 words)
  • Eyeful (100 words)
  • Interestingness (200 words)
  • Interestedness (200 words)

And here's Ellie demonstrating a few of the principles (Rule of Thirds, Real, Interestedness) in an image to save and share.

Use these criteria to evaluate photos, illustrations, video stills and other visual content on your own websites, apps, email, ads, kiosks and any other digital presentations. They'll go a long way toward enticing, informing and motivating your users. 

Like a Half-Price European City by Eric Beteille

Gods of thunder roll past Mexico City's historic center; photo by Eric Beteille

When I say Mexico City to many of my American friends, they think Mexico: dusty borders, crazy cartels, the politics of immigration.

That's like saying Washington DC and thinking El Paso. They're worlds apart. Mexico City feels more European: teeming with 21 million residents, countless cathedrals, palaces, museums, public squares and parks.

And for travelers, the capital of Mexico costs much less than its European counterparts. On the high end, expect US$25 to US$30 for the best meals in town, around US$100 per night for the finest hotels. And street prices are much lower: less than US$1 for tacos, ice cream cones and subway tickets.

I recently returned from a 7-day visit to Ciudad Mexico -- just a 3-hour flight from Southern California -- and one of my photos, Gods of Thunder, is selected for today's Flickr Explore section.  Enjoy that dusky view of the Metropolitan Cathedral, backed by rolling thunder clouds, and then check out the rest of my Mexico City photos.

Selfie Rivera

Urban Meets Agricultural

Family Selfie by Eric Beteille

Right timing, right place, right button

Presidents Day, I walked up the hill to Griffith Observatory. Even though the building was closed, the outdoor grounds were hopping with tourists. As the sun faded behind the Hollywood Hills, the increasingly-present selfie sticks came out in force. This particular couple was dedicated to getting a perfect shot, at dusk, with the Hollywood Sign in the background an easily-distracted baby making eye contact with the lens. It took a few minutes and at least a dozen snaps, but I think they nailed it. Thanks to the Los Angeles Times for choosing my image for its Southern California Moments series.

Ferguson in My Back Yard by Eric Beteille

From downtown Los Angeles via Beverly Blvd.

Normally my afternoon walks around our Los Angeles neighborhood don't attract so much attention. But today on my route downtown I ended up with a group of peaceful protesters, marching in solidarity with citizens of Ferguson, Missouri. When they chant, "Hands up, don't shoot," they're not talking about my camera, right?

Animal Mural

Belmont Blockade

March Leader

Primate Consumers by Eric Beteille

Pepsi Generation

Punch the Monkey Tonight

Little Drink

Baby Pickup

Baby Pickup

Thanks to The Consumerist for choosing the top photo, my capture of the end result of a collision between an unaware tourist and an opportunistic Malaysian monkey, for their Friday photo finds.  Enjoy some of the other monkey business I captured last year in Southeast Asia.