Like a Half-Price European City / by Eric Beteille

Gods of thunder roll past Mexico City's historic center; photo by Eric Beteille

When I say Mexico City to many of my American friends, they think Mexico: dusty borders, crazy cartels, the politics of immigration.

That's like saying Washington DC and thinking El Paso. They're worlds apart. Mexico City feels more European: teeming with 21 million residents, countless cathedrals, palaces, museums, public squares and parks.

And for travelers, the capital of Mexico costs much less than its European counterparts. On the high end, expect US$25 to US$30 for the best meals in town, around US$100 per night for the finest hotels. And street prices are much lower: less than US$1 for tacos, ice cream cones and subway tickets.

I recently returned from a 7-day visit to Ciudad Mexico -- just a 3-hour flight from Southern California -- and one of my photos, Gods of Thunder, is selected for today's Flickr Explore section.  Enjoy that dusky view of the Metropolitan Cathedral, backed by rolling thunder clouds, and then check out the rest of my Mexico City photos.

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