Are Your Pictures Worth 1,000 Words? / by Eric Beteille

Thanks to everyone who organized and attended 2017's World IA Day Los Angeles! As promised in my presentation about optimizing visual content, here are my 10 criteria for creating and selecting images for digital experiences. (See, you didn't have to write them down!) 

  • Leading Lines (50 words)
  • Foreground/Background (50 words)
  • Rule of Thirds (50 words)
  • Framing (50 words)
  • Informative (100 words)
  • Emotive (100 words)
  • Real (100 words)
  • Eyeful (100 words)
  • Interestingness (200 words)
  • Interestedness (200 words)

And here's Ellie demonstrating a few of the principles (Rule of Thirds, Real, Interestedness) in an image to save and share.

Use these criteria to evaluate photos, illustrations, video stills and other visual content on your own websites, apps, email, ads, kiosks and any other digital presentations. They'll go a long way toward enticing, informing and motivating your users.